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SoloCare Knee Arthritis

  • Neoprene knee brace for instability and pain. Slimline, lightweight and adjustable for everyday support. (Adjusts to standard sizes S-M-L. Maximum circumference of 52cm above knee)

  • Physiotherapy therapeutic band to target specific muscle weakness. Exercise guide included.

  • Elasticated compression sleeve to support painful flare-ups.

  • Resuable quality hot/cold gel pack for stiffness, swelling and joint pain relief.

  • Long foot sponge - occupational therapy aid for difficulty with washing.

Designed and recommended by musculoskeletal physiotherapists.

Ideal to treat symptoms of Knee Osteoarthritis, Knee Joint pain, Knee Replacement, Knee Bursitis, Arthroscopy and Patellar Osteoarthitis

VAT included in price and FREE delivery available

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