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SoloCare Hand Arthritis

  • Arthritis relief gloves. Nylon-copper four way compressive. Provide warmth and controlled support. (One size S/M/L)

  • Key turner – Easy grip and secures two standard lock keys. Provides support for a weak grip and tender joints.

  • Bag grip - Even weight distribution and comfort while carrying heavy bags. Silicone, lightweight and easily attached to keyring.

  • Heat muscle Rub. For the relief of pain in arthritis. 40g tube. Suitable for all skin types.

  • Physiotherapy massage ball to release tension, increase bloodflow and reduce pain.

Ideal to treat symptoms of Hand Osteoarthritis

*Arthritis Research UK informs on the use of support gloves, heat, exercise, massage and occupational therapy aids for the relief of hand arthritis symptoms.*

Click to view: Exercise guide for hand Arthritis

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