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SoloCare Back Pain

  • Shoulder brace for upper back pain relief and postural correction.
  • Lightweight ergonomic cushion to relieve pressure on the spine. Easily adapated to standard dinning, office and car seats.
  • Heat Capsaicin patch to relieve muscular spasm and pain. 12x18cm.
  • Self-heating double adjustable lower back support brace.

As recommended by musculoskeletal physiotherapists. Ideal to treat symptoms of Chronic Back Pain, Lumbalgia, Lumbago, Prolapsed Disc, Muscle Strain and Lumbar Pain

As advised by NHS Choices in treatment for back pain: heat, regular exercise, posture, braces to support spine.

"Back pain is a common problem which affects 4 out of 5 of us at some point. It’s often caused by a simple muscle, tendon or ligament strain and not usually by a serious problem." Arthritis Research UK

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