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SoloTherapy Sports Knee Pain

  • Therapeutic sports tape to provide support and correct knee muscle activation

  • Physiotherapy exercise band for muscle weakness.

  • Reusable ice pack for pain relief and swelling. Lightweight easy to use straight after sport or at home.

  • Supportive knee brace for instability  and weakness. Lightweight, neoprene and adjustable. (Adjusts to standard size S-M-L)

  • Therapeutic compression bandage to relieve swelling.

Designed and recommended by musculoskeletal physiotherapists.

Ideal to treat symptoms of Runner's Knee, Patellar Tendonitis, Jumper's Knee, PFPS and Meniscus Injury

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*Please consult with your physician prior to purchasing SoloKit ©. Do not use SoloKit © if you have any current or past medical history that would contraindicate its use. It is not medical advice, it should be used under supervision and with the prior approval of an appropriately qualified physician *

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