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Sale of exclusive SoloKits© for joint and muscle conditions. We make pain relief and recovery easy. Complete rehabilitation packs with affordable and complementary therapy aids. They all include specific physiotheray routines to target weakness and limitations.

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SoloTherapy Kit
To speed up recovery and reduce pain in short term conditions 


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SoloCare Kit
To improve function and manage pain in long term conditions



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"In my years of experience completing physiotherapy treatment in NHS and privately, I found that many of my patients suffered from a combination of minor issues (strength, flexibility, poor posture, bad pain management) and overcoming the fear of "making it worse" was the biggest hurdle. A small amount of re-assurance and pain management techniques are what allowed so many to succeed in mental and physical rehabilitation." - R.M. - Founder SoloHealth Ltd

When our health is affected by any type of condition it has a great impact on our well-being, mood, relationships, work and identity.

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