I suffered with the very painful symptoms of a hip impingement for around three years. I was an avid runner and footballer but gradually my ability to take part in these sports was decreasing and my performance was suffering. After visiting several physiotherapists and eventually a specialist hip consultant, I was told that the only way to improve my condition was to have an operation. At this point, I came across SoloHealth. The key difference for me in the approach taken by SoloHealth was that it took a holistic approach. In order for the treatment to be successful, I had to accept that I needed to be completely dedicated to doing the physiotherapy exercises. Gradually I began to reincorporate sport and more advanced exercises into my routine. Now, I am back to playing sport five times per week and I am almost symptom-free. The main things that I learnt from my experience with Solo Health were that, if you are willing to invest the time in actually doing them, physiotherapy exercises can work very effectively. I also gained a massive amount of knowledge about how my body works, how one slight imbalance can cause a variety of other problems and how to listen to my body and take rest where appropriate. 
– Christie Redley, 28, Lawyer

I hurt my knee playing rugby and I thought it would go away but after three months I went to see the doctor back home in South Africa. He did an X-ray and said everything looked fine but I could’t run or play sport because of the pain. He gave me some strong pain relief which I took for a while but I didn’t think my knee was getting better. I’d never been to a physiotherapist and thought it was quite expensive. I found SoloHealth and started using my knee brace at work and doing the exercises whenever I could. I eventually became stronger and I am now back to playing rugby again. It’s ideal for people like me that just need to be guided on what to do to make it better and can’t afford private physio.
– Luciano Lourenco, 25, Distributor

I went to a party and noticed something pop in my knee while dancing. It was so painful I couldn’t walk. I went to the doctor, he booked me for an MRI which I had to wait 3 months for and another 4 months to see a physio. The fact that I couldn’t do much was really bothering me. My daughter sent me a SoloKit for knee arthritis to see if it would help. At first the exercises were really difficult and sore but after a while my knee was less stiff. The cold therapy and bandage really helped with the pain and swelling, and after two weeks of using it I was able to sleep comfortably at night. The brace really helped because I felt safer and was able to get walking again. I have since been back to the doctor who said my MRI shows Osteoarthitis in both knees. He also said how suprised he was at my strength and how I was able to go back to doing things around the house so quickly. I was surprised when my daughter told me how cheap it was for the amount of use I got out of it! I have now ordered a back pain kit for my husband and thoroughly recommend the knee kit for osteoarthitis.
– Mary Butler, 60, Teacher