About Us

SoloHealth is dedicated to making personal health and therapy care easy. Founded by a physiotherapist, our modern approach to mental and physical health can empower you take control. SoloHealth Ltd was created to make quality affordable rehabilitation accessible to everyone.

The aim of the company is to support anyone to regain control of their health. We provide the tools and guidance to do so. We do not claim to cure illness or rid you of any limitations. All we claim is with the right information and knowledge, there is always something that you can do to improve your independence and health. Allowing you to start the journey towards being yourself again.

We create our products with input from therapists with years of experience across all areas of patient rehabilitation (acute, in-patient, community, out-patient). These professionals have been selected because of their caring nature and specialist knowledge in musculoskeletal, orthopaedics, neurorehabilitation and elderly care.

“Clarity, quality and care.” – SoloHealth Ltd

A message from our founder, Rebecca:

“Like many of my colleagues I became frustrated working in the world of modern healthcare. The amount of information available on the internet and the lack of communication between different specialists often left my patients feeling confused and anxious. I realised quickly that time pressures, financial constraint and mental health had a big impact on a person’s recovery. And too often this is ignored by both parties. Many times I was left with the feeling that more could be done.

I created SoloHealth to give anybody that wants it, the chance at an improved recovery. Many healthcare professionals believe patient outcomes are solely down to them. I disagree. I believe if an individual has the right guidance, attitude and tools, it can be achieved.”

– Chartered Physiotherapist and Member of the Health and Care Professions Council